A bit of scattered life

by Jennie

I plan on writing a blog soon about the Super Fits that I have been working, but that will be soon to come. So in the mean time, check out some random life pics.

Happy Halloween! Guess which one is mine (:

Lees Halloween costume (yes we dressed up, duh…). I think only a few people got it. The best comment was “Wait, that’s not a costume, that’s me!”  Although we didn’t go trick-or-treating, his plan was to pass out a resume if we got good candy.

I took this picture while examining skis at the Cyclova Superfit last weekend. How have I not seen this before? You have to be really…..something…..to brand this on millions of skis. Refreshingly funny yet pretty darn cocky.
Say hello to my upbringing. If cautious and prepared comes to mind when you see this picture, we would get along well. If you look at this and see overly paranoid and silly, well, I’ve now got bear spray, beware. This was my gift from my mom as I head to West Yellowstone. After reading about one to many bear attacks this summer, I now have some more (yes more) pepper spray, some bear spray, and First Aid cleaning if I spray myself in the face. I can’t lie about this stuff, folks. I don’t think it’s gonna fit in my Toko drink belt….
This is a sweet picture. It was during our last day adventure hike with Nordic Dave near Park City.

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