A Brief History of Everything

by Jennie

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!



Christmas break is over, and I finally have time to sit down and focus…. SQUIRREL!… on a blog entry. Huh, I don’t think I have typed out squirrel before…have you ever notice that when you type in all capital letters, you second guess it’s spelling way more than when it’s not in caps? Anyway, I will give a brief timeline of the season thus far, post West Yellowstone. Ready? OK!! (You are now picturing an 80s workout video wearing leotards…)

PS – If you haven’t seen it, which you should, the squirrel reference comes from the movie UP – http://youtu.be/OxYYPziLdR4


Bozeman Supertour

 The races: A classic sprint, and a classic mass start 10k.

Snow conditions: ICY! And thin snow cover, but lots of shoveling was done to fix that. They had to delay the races due to hazardous conditions, which especially for the distance race was a necessity. The Bohart course is a hilly one, with many sharp 90 -180 degree turns. We did two laps of the 5k.

Thoughts: Home race! Really awesome to have many people out there cheering. This course has never shown me mercy, so I wanted to wipe my slate clean and ski it well.

How I wanted it to go: SEEK AND DISTROY

How it went – sprint qualifier: I didn’t fall on the downhill icy turn where many were butt sledding. Best qualifier in awhile, 4th, Air high five!

How it went – sprint heats: Ended up 2nd overall, got that double pole fever.

How it went – distance: Not too shabby! My first distance race I’ve felt strong in….two years. YAY! Finished 8th

Interesting happenings: Elite Skier Advice Panel for BSF/Bozeman community set up by Erika Flowers (BSF Alum). It was a place to discuss why we have made our decisions in skiing thus far, and the many paths to being a professional skier in general. I wish I had something like this when I was starting!



Rossland Nor-Am

 The races: Due to lack of snow, races were moved from BlackJack Nordic center to racing on the higher biathlon trails. Then were changed from a sprint and distance race to two classic distance races that were varied lengths.

Snow conditions: Considering the conditions, it was amazing how much work they did to hold together a clean, well groomed trail! It was impressive. A bit of ice took some people out but it was do-able.

How I wanted it to go: SEEK AND DISTROY

How it went : Felt good! Psyched to have two more solid distance races. Was 7th in the 5ish k and 3rd in the 10ish k.



Eastern Cup Race in Middlebury Vt

 The race: While I was home for Christmas, I jumped into one of the Eastern cup Nensa races. Mass start skate 10k. So fun! I think it was one of the bigger fields of skiers I have skied in for quite awhile.

Snow conditions: First time racing their new course. They have a few twisty downhills that gave us all a run for the money for sure. The snow was fast, and sugary.

How I wanted it to go: SEEK AND DISTROY

How it went: Off the start I found myself leading, and decided to hit it and see what happened. I knew my chances of staying ahead of E.F and K.O during a skate 10k were low, so wanted to try a different tactic just for kicks. Turns out I feel strong skate skiing 10ks again! That being said, I got third to Flowers and Ogden, but it was a good race over all. And we won some Pure VT Maple Syrup. So my life is complete.

Interesting happenings: Caught up with a lot of friends and family while home, Mom got a new boxer puppy, and I got an avalanche beacon for any west coast gravity skiing I get to squeeze in…good thing Mom doesn’t really know what it’s used  for.


Running with my old high school homies!


There is something about babies with other babies….the puppy finds comfort with my middle sister Kelly and her soon to be third child!



Now I am in Minneapolis about to head up to Houghton MI for US Nationals. Email me if you have words of wisdom or encouragement for the big week ahead!



  1. Morgan
    29 December 14, 12:17pm

    SLOPESIDE SYRUP?! What an amazingly awesome idea!!!

    Great post, Jen – Seek and Destroy!! Always!

    • 02 January 15, 1:43pm

      Thanks Mo (:

  2. Barb Marshall
    30 December 14, 6:48am

    I am so glad to catch up on some of the races I hadn’t heard about yet. You are destroying!!!! Jim came home and blazed our classic trail here and the kids are actually enjoying it. We hadn’t pushed it for a couple winters but you got them fired up. No Nordic champs in the making but great natural Cardio. (‘An adult sport like tennis and golf’ jack said.).
    We send lots of nutty (that’s a squirrel reference) good vibes for Nationals. You’re our fave.

    • 02 January 15, 1:50pm

      It was so good to see you!! Thanks for cheering (:

  3. John Widdifield
    30 December 14, 8:41am

    Hey Jenny. This is an old, skinny slow skier you helped at one of Bill Pierce’s Masters ski camps in Hayward. We miss you here in the midwest but still funn to track your progress. Glad you are still after it and feeling good! Maybe we’ll see you in the Sawmill in February with a first place medal around your neck!

    • 02 January 15, 7:48pm

      Hey John! Hope you’re doing well! 50/50 chance I’ll see you at the Birkie, depending on my Europe travel, but if so, see you at the Saw Mill! (:

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