Hometown : Vermont

Current Residence : Bozeman, MT

Education and Area of Study :

–  University of Vermont

–  Bachelors in Exercise Physiology

Career Highlights:  

-4 x USA National Sprint Champion

-4 x SuperTour Overall Sprint Leader

-9 x USA National Podiums Sprint and Distance combined

-18 x World Cup Competitor

-Over 30 x SuperTour Podiums

-1st Classic American Birkebeiner ’11

-3rd Skate American Birkebeiner  ‘12

-3 x NCAA competitor

-1 x NCAA All‐American

-3 x USA World U23/Junior Worlds athlete

Hobbies :

–  Hiking, road biking, running, alpine skiing, adventuring, ultimate frisbee

Other (Non-Athletic) Interests :

–  Music & dancing, singing and playing guitar

–  Creating/building/innovating/jury rigging

– Shooting guns and learning to dirt bike

When did you start skiing?

Around 7th/8th grade as a method to maintain winter fitness for cross country running

Why is skiing important in your Life?

It gives me the opportunity to travel and find out how far I can push myself.

Skiing Goals :

– Multiple US Nationals sprint podium the same year

– Place top 10 in World Cup

– Compete in  2014 and 2018 Olympics

Goals After Skiing :

Have satisfaction of my ski accomplishments, and never let life become mundane. I enjoy being apart of others lives while they experience new things, and I hope that my entrepreneurship endeavors include this quality.

How do you see yourself giving back to the sport in the future?

Success in skiing depends on networking and continual education. I hope to promote the sport, outdoor exploration, and exercise as a lifestyle through coaching and community involvement.

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