Beginning of Season 2014 -15

by Jennie

Bender 1 WY sprint

As the days counted down to the first races in West Yellowstone, I could feel it slithering into my system. Ah. Here it comes again. We all have it. No matter how long in the field you’ve been fighting, those race nerves hit you like a donkey getting branded in the rear. We say we’re excited, oh sure, and we say we’re ready for it. But as athletes, we are the only ones truly in charge of our mentality towards racing, and there is an adjustment period during the beginning of the season where you have to flip the switch from “just training” to “it’s go time, baby”.

Well, kicking it off with a skate sprint day sure did flip that switch fast.

Lesson #25 – Sports make you learn how to bounce back, from injury, from life events, from bad results, life will go on, expecting you to perform.

Negative –

I made some poor ski choice decisions, and qualified like an idiot. Right off the bat, I was disappointed with myself. I had to flip the switch, and refocus for the heats. Feeling like my kick is stronger than in the past, I was able to rev the engine in each heat near the finish, bringing me to 3rd overall in the A final (first American). Solid. A good start.

Then WHAM, next day distance race, disappointing myself again. Man, this racing thing is mental abuse. Seconds lost from mistakes on the course, beginning of the season reminders that hard sometimes isn’t hard enough. I like the battle of a mass start race, and individual starts take a different mindset. Note taken, moving on. The Bozeman Supertour is this weekend up at Bohart Ranch.

This year, so it seems more so than others, I’m more aware of many of my competitors and friends going through lots of personal life shit. It happens. You all know some of my past two years. This is yet another reason not to judge initial actions of those around you, until you know what is really going on in someones life. You never know to what extent someone is suffering on the inside. And no matter what those circumstances are, unfortunately life won’t stop and wait around to let you recover.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, really stop and think about how much good fortune you really have. Because even when the ground is covered in shit, eventually,  you’ll notice the flowers growing in it. Eventually.

Positive –

I was SO HAPPY to see all my ski family in West Yellowstone. Growing up in the East, living in the Midwest for a bit, and now moving West, I feel like I knew every other person on the trail. I loved it. The pluses being that I filled my hug quota for the week (hey, you gotta make sure it’s filled), but the minuses being that I had to make myself ski consistently without stopping every few minutes to greet a familiar face. Thank you to everyone who took the time to re-connect. It really means a lot, and makes me enjoy this sport even more.

Signing posters at the Salomon booth was definitely a blast. I met lots of new faces, and was psyched how pumped people were about my different approach to a poster picture. My goal was to mix it up a bit from the usual skiing or podium shot. Alpine doesn’t have to be the only ones having all the fun. (:

West Yellowstone 456

I’ve had a few people ask if the skis were photoshopped in, and they definitely were not!


Jennie Card

I just like this one…


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  1. Claire Gérin-Lajoie
    03 December 14, 2:30pm

    GREAT Post! Really enjoy your insight and also love your poster. Its SO YOU! :))

    Keep it up!

    Claire, from Vermont and high school running.

    • 04 December 14, 4:56pm

      Hi Claire!

      Thanks for the feedback (:, and it’s good to hear from you!
      Hope all is well,
      Vermont runners are still my favorite!


  2. Sue harrison
    03 December 14, 9:31pm

    Nice! Congrats on race! Miss you in minnesota!
    I need posters for my ski team wax room or bulletin board! I love them!!

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