Bozeman Race #1

by Jennie

They say a blogger should write about the bad, as well as the good, so here I go.

Facts: Skate sprint. Qualified 18th (not good). Captured second in my quarter final (good). Dead last in my semi final (not good).

Health: Today I am tired. Not normal sprint day tired. My body seized every time I tried to give it a rev during warmup. My Will brought me into the Semi finals today.  My Will is going to claw my way through the classic sprints Saturday.

Mental: Hanging in there. It’s hard to watch your big time progress goals slide through your fingers. One clunk at a time. Seconds are heavy when you are racing at altitude, against fast athletes. The value of seconds is high, and they are hard to hang on to.  You never know when the next opportunity will present itself, to gain those seconds back. Maybe it’s Saturday, maybe it’s January, or maybe it’s next year. Seconds will bring you to World Cups. When you are winning, seconds don’t seem to matter. But for all the rest of us who lost, they matter quite a bit.

Photo by Katrina Howe

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  1. EDM
    30 November 12, 11:36am

    Eloquently written Jenny. Hang in there. It’ll come with time.

    Coming back from Lyme is tough as a skier. I know, I’ve been there. It comes back though, I promise.


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