by Jennie

Bozeman is sweet, but I think living in the isolated West Yellowstone for two weeks makes this college town my happy place just that much more.  The races are over, and after two 6th places, I felt decent physically but not great mentally. When it comes to time back, my gap is too large, and needs to be shortened. I suppose that’s one of the draw backs of being on a kick-ass team – 6th place and I am our 3rd woman. It’s great motivation to get on the horse and keep whippin’.

Tomorrow we will be driving to Silverstar.  Hopefully I can finish my knitting project for my niece’s Christmas present….. that I only work on in the van, and has been on-going for over 2 years. Whoops. (It’s a very large blanket…ok?)

As I walked into a store on my touring run, I overheard the checkout girl telling a customer how certain places seem to attract people from specific areas, and how there were alot of Vermonters here. That made me smile, as I was just thinking how similar the downtown was from Church street in Burlington. Although I counted five VT license plates (without really searching for them) over the past three days, the car below was in West Yellowstone. I laughed because it was a classic 20-25 year old UVMers vehicle who just wanted to get away into the wilderness and explore the wild west. Parked outside an Adventure Guide business, it was PACKED with camping gear, a canoe on top, and had bumper stickers from all over the country.

I can’t help but think this dude was just riding with his two extra horses and dog around downtown for attention, but when I asked him he said with a giant grin that it was his mode of transportation….either way it was a sight to see, and made my day. Growing up around horses, I can appreciate how nonchalant these three were with all the town commotion. The awards for the skate 5k were downtown last night, and as a pleasant surprise apart of a big “christmas stroll” street festival. There were all sorts of vendors and random tents promoting local businesses. Besides people watching, I got a free s’more which always brightens my evening.

It all reminded me that Christmas is in only in a few weeks, yikes!! When you are on the road, holidays, birthdays, political events, a world crisis, really anything significant is dulled due to some weird time elapse that happens. “Wait, how is is December? When did I get to Montana? Man this hotel is better than that one in…where was it again?”

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  1. admin
    05 December 11, 12:50pm

    Jennie, this post is awesome! I love following your adventures! I hope someday I’ll be as cool as you. 🙂 Love you!

  2. kelly
    06 December 11, 11:11pm

    Bozman is like Burlington. My Sister Wendi was here in Vermont for Thanksgiving from Montana, She lives in Livingston. All of my family is out there but me.. They are still trying to get me to come out there. Sounds like you are doing well with the skiing!

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