Canadian Nationals Quebec

by Jennie

Well there was certainly a decent showing of Americans at Canadian Nationals this year! Last year I remember being one of maybe six up in Canmore. I haven’t been to Mont Saint Anne since highschool, but enjoyed the reunion with many who I haven’t seen since US Nationals and the Canadian Nor-Ams this fall.

I raced the classic 5k and skate sprint, and decided to skip the 10k skate. Truth be told, the 70-degree heat with a sludge trudge didn’t make me regret it. After the 5k, I realized it had been more then a month since my last classic race, which was a mistake on my part. I took my 12th and figured it was a decent tune-up for next week at Spring Series/Distance Nationals in VT.

I was pleased with my 3rd in the skate sprint, and that I got to share a podium for the second time (2011) with two of Canada’s bests – Chandra and Dasha. Unfortunately I never actually got to pose for this picture, because right after the race our team packed up and booked it back to Vermont because our first race is Saturday. Link HERE.

Click Here for link of what the bridge is for…

On our day off, Sara, Wayland, Elizabeth Simak who has been with us this week, and I adventured to Quebec with the Callaghan ski team.  Despite a few flunking attempts to find a sugar house which they really wanted to experience, we walked around old Quebec, and sampled some local treats. Of course, we had to get a croissant and éclair for our taste of French heritage.

The Plains of Abraham in the city took a turn for the worse and lost most of their snow after the team sprints despite all the efforts to keep it going.

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