PlayNordic Series


Is my traveling strength class series that I put
on wherever I go, using whats already available, for whoever is
around! It’s my method and mission to keep women of all ages young
physically and mentally. We will do some balance and flexibility
drills that I have learned through my nordic training, followed by a
fun collection of challenging  strength exercises utilizing the
environment around us in the park. Its focus is for all women
who know they need strength but have a hard time making themselves do it!

When is the next one?

Friday, Nov 9th at 5:30. If you can, arrive at 4:30 for a half
hour run before hand! Strength class will start at 5:30.


Theodore Wirth Beach parking lot/playground. (Where the
Volleyball courts are.)

How much?

$10 per person for a great workout, and rejuvenating night.
The session will be a little over an hour of working out (not
including the run if you come early.)

Forward this on to your friends!! Hope to see you there!

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