Come to camp!

by Jennie

Check out the link


for the Birkie Masters Camp that Matt Liebsch and I will be coaching at this weekend up in Cable/Seeley. Starts Friday afternoon and goes until Sunday after lunch. Join us!


  1. John Widdifield
    30 July 12, 1:51am

    Hey Jennie. It was nice meeting you and Matt up in Seeley. Thanks for all the instruction and tips… and for sharing your life and racing experiences.

    Hoping you get healthy soon… and I’ll be cheering for you to reach your skiing (and life) goals.

    Hope I don’t see you at the Birkie! 🙂

    thanks again.

    • Jennie
      06 September 12, 1:54am

      Thanks John, it was great meeting you! What are your fall training plans?

  2. John Widdifield
    06 September 12, 4:34pm

    Hey Jennie. As far as my fall training plans… Well… I bought one of those air pillow thingies to stand and balance on and been standing on the bosu ball at the club and attempting to improve my balance and all the muscle strength from foot and ankle up to hip. Trying to get to that “dead straight / no wiggle” balance that you said was possible. Not there yet… but working in on it.

    Also… love that little warm exersize that you taught us where you stand crouched in downhill position… reach out and plant leg, then crouch lower and move weight onto it. Started to run again… but playing some tennis, etc which is fun but not ski specific. Been doing a little work on that double pole machine… trying to keep my weight forward on balls of feet like you were working with me to accomplish!? And laying on couch drinking beer watching Packers. 🙂

    How are you feeling? Back to training yet? Sure hope you are. cheers. john

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