Do the Snow dance

by Jennie

Do the Snow dance

It goes something like this:

Definitely NOT this: 

 Emergency news: snow donations encouraged for Nationals. Every dirt patch covered comes with a complementary happy skier and one less complaint at the end of the day when ski base conditions are examined. Volunteers who have been out there shoveling already, we thank you tremendously.

 I love being back in New England. When home for Christmas I skied at my old stomping grounds Trapp Family Lodge, and have raced at Rumford many times throughout high school and college, making it another home course for me. Unfortunately, New England weather is also very unpredictable, and our January thaw during nationals is neither a surprise nor an expectation.  As Mark Twain once said about the East “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” I’d like to think that growing up in Vermont, I have learned how to find advantages in training/racing through weather that is less than ideal. This morning I skied an hour on the dirty 1.4k sprint loop, sadly watching as each lap got thinner snow coverage in the sun.  Despite the nagging reality that all of the skiers out testing for the sprint were not helping the situation, we were all there in full force revving the engine for tomorrow. Crossing the stadium was like trying to jaywalk in the middle of Minneapolis during rush hour. (Only of which recently I have witnessed.)

Possible racing conditions on the 5k loop in Rumford Maine, without the falling of course. If these guys can do it, so can we: . Chopper Reid would have something to say about these conditions for sure.

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  1. 04 January 11, 1:54am

    Thanks to your informative links I will now be sure to do the correct snow dance! And for the record I will be doing the snow dance in the kitchen, in the living room, in my tiny cubicle at work, while doing the ski erg, and definitely while drinking margaritas.

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