Don’t knock it unless Ya try it

by Jennie


      Don’t cha know? Here I am, an Easterner who chose to train in the Midwest, who didn’t grow up here. And you know what? My skin hasn’t shriveled up nor my eyes fall out, my VO2 isn’t screaming at me for lack of mountains, and everyone here can put on a kill face during workouts; midwestern hospitality and all.  For most of my college ski career, I was going through pros and cons of various clubs across the country, deciding which would be the best fit for me. Once decided, I found it hard to get a positive reaction from some friends, ski enthusiasts, and random people I would find who listened on the street…..when I told them I would be in the MIDwest. I had a few people say, “Oh out West that’s so cool!” When I elaborated about it being based in the Midwest, they would reply with a drawn out “Oh…., why, or whats out there?” Before I left Vermont, I started getting quite tired of the confusion and hesitation on people’s faces. 

       So here’s the down low. I arrived open to a new experience, and am happy to report that it has exceeded my expectations. The places I have been so far are actually quite like areas in VT, just without the mtn horizon. They do, in fact have big hills, and great roller skiing terrain. They have lush forests, great ski/rd bike/mtn bike trails, lakes everywhere, and a huge ski community. So far our camps have been in St Croix MN, and Hayward WI.  I missed May camp due to my Graduation from the University of Vermont (whoot whoot!) But now I have moved into Minneapolis MN with Caitlin Compton as my roomie in our chick shack. It’s a sweet apartment on the outskirts of the city, right next to a few parks, lakes, and a whole bunch of nicely paved bike trails. The park of 2011 Junior Olympics is only a few blocks away. The thing about being close to Minneapolis, is that there is EVERYTHING. There is city life if you want it, or country side skiing 20 minutes away. There are also tons of athletes, training for any sport you want. My Lesson # 1: Resources to train with are pretty much everywhere, and all it takes is personal action to discover them. Although it is awesome, and if you buy me a ticket I will go, you don’t always need to be on snow in New Zealand, or on manicured roller ski trails in Utah. 

     The hardest part for me so far has been being away from all those who are important to me back in the East. However, it is comforting that if needed, I can drive back in a day. (One full, very long day.) Furthermore, the fact that my family and friends are all very supportive of what I am trying to achieve, makes me so much stronger towards pursuing  my goals. I wouldn’t be here without them. 

Giddy up, I’m here for the adventure, and ready to rock. 

Now the fun stuff – 


Bakery AND Cheese?! My two most favorite things! Only found in Wisconsin? I’ll search around and let you know. 

AWESOMENESS – My conclusion is that this is a must see, too bad it’s a week after camp is over in Hayward. PS don’t miss that it is the WORLD championships, not just any.

 Cookie Brownies…… Weird – Yes………Good – Oh YES 

Free Head Exam! Just what I needed! I have always been told that my heads a little screwed up, and who knew I’d find my cure in Hayward! (:

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