Fall no other way

by Jennie

What do I think of when I reflect on many of my past fall to winter transitions? Camp at the Olympic Training Center at Lake Placid, duh. To my recollection, my past five to six October camps have been spent here, and I wouldn’t want to spend fall anywhere else.  The East has a lot of rainy gloom, yes, but it makes the sunny days that much brighter, especially as the leaves shine with a red, yellow and green glow. You have to observe the positive benifits, such as the magnificent water falls cascading down rocky slides, or muddy trail runs through the woods. The lifestyle of an endurance athletes provides an everyday outdoor experience that very few people allow time for. We go places it takes work to get to, and see things that hide when life is too loud and busy to notice.

We are only a small dot in the big picture. Bounding intervals up Whiteface Mtn trails

Even the chair lift is colorful!

Brian making his way towards the castle, where we will be rollerski racing to on Friday

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