Finland World Cups

by Jennie

Fun Facts: Finland

–       Their airport is not big into water fountains

–       The Finnish smoke ALOT

–       So many types of licorice candy options, more then I’ve ever seen

–       Dying your hair red is a common style, for all ages

–       There is no such thing as boot cut pants, all skinny jeans

–       The punk look is alive and  thriving with Finnish youth

–       Europe has great shoes

–       Everything is cheaper than in Norway

–       Known for many different types of berries that you’ve never heard of, and ones I thought all this time people were just making up.

–      The news and tv shows here show WAY more than in the US. It’s actually sort of good. They show things how they are. War is bloody, not cleaned up. Partial nudity is pretty casual here too.

–       Tipping at restaurants, and apparently in general, is not a common thing here. Read more from TripAdvisor “In Finland, tips are not expected, not even in restaurants – service is always included. If you feel you have received excellent service or someone really has gone out of their way to help you in a taxi or in a restaurant, feel free to tip – the recipient is normally pleased.  But if your tip is declined (which has happened, even in very tip-worthy situations), don’t push it… Tips are often seen as insulting, as if implying the person only helped because of hope of a tip when e.g. he really just wanted to be nice to a foreigner.” A place where service is included?! Whoa…..

Brief Race review

Saturday was a skate sprint in Lahti, and Sunday was a 10k skate individual start. I really really wanted to qualify in the sprint (who doesn’t) but just didnt feel like I had my top gear. It was also super mushy and a short course, so the times were very close. So close yet so far away!

Sunday was just horrible in general. I had debated whether to do it or not, because 10k skate isn’t my thing, but I had to do intensity anyway, and I can’t say no to a start right. I started bib 80, and ended up being the last starter to go after some people dropped out. During the mens race and our warmup, the snow was fast granular icy snow. Kinda mushy but had hardened a little bit from the previous day. However, during the women’s race, there was a freak snow storm, and while there was nothing we could do in that time span to fix my skis, my glide went from awesome to the worst I’ve ever had, for a long 30 minutes of racing. Downhills that I had previously had a lot of speed into, I ended up free skating down. I’ve never seen such a dramatic change like that. I literally was grabbing like I had klister. It had nothing to do with the team waxing, or my ski choice. They did awesome. When I was in the warm up pen, the skis were %100 for those conditions at that moment. It just goes to show that shit happens. When you start last, the shit affects you a bit more haha. Anyway, so it was a workout, nothing more.

More importantly, Drammen classic city sprint!!! (Update in separate post soon)

Finland highlights 


Getting hair braided by Diggins is pretty much amazing…this was her creation. You sorta get dubbed a style, like your personal patronus.


The first day we walked to the venue, which was a good way to get a lay of the land.


This was the race trail for the 10k, right behind Soph is the fjord! There was 0 snow on the non race trails. IMG_2234

Lots of bus time back and forth between venues. It was all set up for the athletes which was sweet. Not planning stuff = psyched.


We all went to a dinner at Aino Kaisa Sarrinens house! (Don’t know her? See HERE. ) She was saying how much the American woman’s team inspired her and her team, which was super cool . They had a potato, excuse me, an orange gun. Ahh yes, those never get old!


Dinner party! All the US girls were saying how nice it was to be in a house. The traveling skier gets WAY too much hotel time.  Photo by Holly B.


Set up a Skype date with the BSF high school crew and a bunch of superstars on this end of the pond. I think they were pumped (: .


We were pumped too! (Selfie shot by Kikkan mid Skype)


Did a post for NNF you should check out  – Click HERE 


Both the nordic venue and the ski jumper’s world cups got cheerleaders. The music was pretty entertaining for the whole venue actually.  I think Barbie Girl played every hour. Also, you gotta love it when they play “I just want to fly” by Sugar Ray when people are ski jumping.


Nope, still don’t have the balls to do that.


Our last night we went out to eat at Pizzeria Mamma Maria, which is an AMAZING Italian place in Lahti.

Next up, Norway update!

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