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(Above – On Oslo airport floor)

Here we go…! An opportunity  I have been working towards for three years now, and am pumped to finally be here despite some major speed bumps.

After finishing up Nationals, I knew I was in a good spot for the Supertour sprint leader, but locked it in after the skate sprint at the Craftsbury Supertour. Although I had plans to do the American Birkie initially, a little birdie knocked me over the head and reminded me that would be a horrible idea to do before some sprints in the big league. Instead, I decided to fly to Norway early, and stay with the incredibly good looking couple Ingrid and Martin in Oslo.  I have been to Finland and Sweden briefly for a Scando trip many years ago, but have been eagerly anticipating the day I could make my way to the nordic mother land.


(Above – Craftsbury Supertour skate sprint podiums)

So far I have been laying low, recovering from social overload while in my old  stopping grounds Minneapolis. I miss my Midwest crew a lot.  It was SO good to see people, but it was a bit of a rush trying to cram three years in to four days. Thank you everyone for cheering at St Paul, it was really good to be reminded that I am still apart of the community, which is a damn good community to feel the love from. The equivalent of nordic mother land in the USA, and full of good hearted people.


(Above – St Paul Supertour classic 10k mass start podium)

While I am here, I will be trying to post more!!

I decided to start a list for this trip, called: Europe, you’re doing it right…

1) I just watched Olympics live on TV during the middle of the day, and they treat their skiers like we treat our team sport athletes.

2) Apparently there are foods in Norway, like yogurt, that have half the sugar than in the US, but still won’t be feed at schools because it’s too sugary.

3) Suing someone is not really a thing here.

4) Eat more fish, and take cod oil on top of that.

5) This ad has been playing all throughout the Olympics on TV –

Meanwhile, here is your procrastination for the hour –

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Site  – (My coaches band)

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