Fudge puppies and Fried pickles

by Jennie

Australian battered potatoes, pig ear french fries, scotch eggs and meatballs, and batterfried cheese curds. My ski career would be a short one if I could tell you what all those tasted like, much less consisted of. But alas, since I moved to Minneapolis, I have heard continuous stories about the State fair and its glory.  Apparently close to one million people attended the previous year, and they have “everything possible to eat on a stick”. Growing up as a loyal Champlain Valley Fair go-er in good ol’ VT, this I had to check out. Endurance athletes have to have a fairly strict view of what we should and shouldn’t put in our bodies, so I relish in the once a year cultural experience of plunging head first into the valley of lard. Speaking of the devil, you could actually win your face carved into a 90 lb hunk of butter. Great party center piece, but what you do with it after, I’m not sure… 


After parking far away and taking a bus to the entrance, I soon realized this would be a go with the flow afternoon, literally. You knew when you weren’t going with the flow. 

I washed my hands....alot



I decided I was going to have more of a smell don’t taste approach, yet after analyzing the options, decided I had to have at least one item on a stick. The giant pickled looked pretty nasty, right along with the double fist sized hunk a pork in a cone. Therefore I experienced  the “Fudge Puppy”, which is a Belgian waffle on a stick  covered in chocolate and whipped cream. Mmmm 


Looking back, the Bucket of Cookies would have been pretty sweet. Thats right, an overflowing  bucket of cookies for six bucks. That along with the one dollar milk with free refills, who could go wrong?! 

No wonder  Americans have food proportion issues. Trips like these remind me of yet another reason for why I live the lifestyle that I do, although a little bit of good old fair food once a year never hurt anyone.

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