Growing old is mandatory, Growing UP is optional

by Jennie

Alright Pipe Line, don’t fail on me now.

This past February I went on my last U23 Worlds trip. Since I have been back, some of my elders have all said a similar line. “Beware, now the game really gets tough.” Great.  Suuuuuuper.

World Juniors my first year 2006/2007

My first time to Europe - Scandinavian Cup Trip

I didn’t realize how cool it was to have the Junior Olympics in Minneapolis until I was strapping timing chips on ankles the day of the sprint. MAN I miss being apart of this! Oh wait, how many years ago was my last JOs? *first pang of where-did-the-time-go* occurs. Oh yeah that was end of high school….and college was in between now and then…..*second pang of -where-did-the-time-go.

Blast from the past - first Junior Olympics in Lake Placid 2004

Meanwhile, if only I had been born a year younger,  I would be racing NCAAs right now *third pang* ON MY HOME COURSE at Trapp Family Lodge. It frosts my biscuit (huh?) that I am missing this, you have no idea.

First NCAAs in Montana 2007/2008

Recently,  I had two random talks with completely unrelated  friends about living life to its fullest. We all agreed that if you don’t have something to strive for in life, what good are ya anyway. I don’t mind having where-did-the-time-go pangs, because I know that the time was well spent with good memories attached. These experiences, although full of ups and intense downs, will stick with me forever.

Which brings me to growing up. In reality, as fun as that end of the week dance IS, if I was still doing JOs, it would probably be kind of old by now. Instead, look where life has brought me in only a year. I am living in a different part of the country, have had an exciting jump in ski progress, have met a whole new group of skiers, and have traveled more than ever.  I even won my first 54k classic Birkie in front of a big crowd on a main street which was pretty cool!

Classic Birkie 54 really cold Ks

So to any of you youngens reading this, don’t worry if this is your last year racing in an event or age category, because the future can be just as exciting. It is what you make it to be.

I am on my last phase of races right now for the season, which include Canadian nationals in Canmore, and Spring Series in SunValley Idaho. I have always heard that Canmore is amazing, and its all true. The mountains are some of the best I have seen to surround a world class nordic venue. I am racing the 5k skate, 10k classic, and classic sprint. Maybe the 30k but we’ll see.

View to the Nordic Center in Canmore

Joke of truth by a few sarcastic Canadians – “Why the heck do they call it Junior Olympics?!” “Probably because the USA likes to think that they are the only country in the world…”

Common, you know it’s kinda funny…..

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