Haig and BSF Canmore Camp

by Jennie


Every summer, I hear the stories. The stories of on-snow training mid summer. Usually somewhere awesome, and pictures are posted everywhere, questioning my decisions of staying home and enjoying summer training so that I am fresh come winter. There is a vast span of opinions concerning whether skiing in the summer to work on technique is a make or break of an athletes progression. Necessary? In my opinion, no. Helpful? Now that I have, for my first time (shocking…I know…) been on a glacier to ski, I can say, yes. A fresh and awesome training environment? Most definitely. Matt Liebsh’s Haig trip just happened to correlate with our two week BSF training camp in Canmore, so when Midwest Chuck Norris reminded me that he had an extra spot, I decided to go for it. The US ski team womans Eagle glacier camp has always peaked my interest, I mean what wouldn’t about a star studded training group like that. However, it just hasn’t made sense for me to go in the past with sickness and injury. This year, with my hiking trip and being away from Bozeman most of the winter, I was excited to plant a few roots and work a bit before I left again in the middle of  summer.

This video may look like mostly play, but there were some serious hours logged by all on the Haig. See here for a little re-cap of life on the Haig glacier – CLICK HERE 

Because I joined a couple days late, Matt helicoptered me up some skis to use early with the rest of the groups stuff, and I hiked up my other gear in a backpack that ended up being close to 65lbs. Ops. Packing light has never been my forte. Especially when packing for any weather possible. Luckily I had help from both Sara Hewitt, who visiting with is always a highlight of going to Canmore (:,  and Matt who came down to meet me part way and fend off bears. Being up there with a whole new group of skiers, who were all just pumped to be out on snow in August, was such a great atmosphere. Everyone had their own different goals for being there, but the enjoyment was all the same. Thanks to Darren and Arron for some awesome cooking, and keeping everything in smooth working order!

When we all ran down and people started heading back home, I joined up with my team, who had just driven up from Bozeman the day before for a two week camp. It couldn’t have worked out better. Our large group of juniors, along with a few Elite skiers, hiked, biked, roller skied, swam in the chilly rivers, and ate well with the help of cook Doug. Having a cook at camp is probably one of the best things ever. Emily and Tanner did a stellar job blogging about our camp life, so if you are interested, see CLICK HERE for the blog (: .

Meanwhile, Two awesome songs that I apparently can’t get out of my head…. HERE and HERE . I’d love to say the Tarzan one was due to hanging out with a lot of highschoolers…..but that would be a lie. #disneychild


Above – Sara Hewitt and I

Below – Riley during our long ski, psyched about the mountains!


Left – Wax on, wax off. Up and over. Up and over.

Right – A nice and chilly dip in Lake Louise

IMG_3760 IMG_3784

Below – So many climbers in Canmore! (And Bozeman). Why can I cliff jump, but not climb cliffs? Oh the mysteries of being randomly afraid of heights.


Below – Sometimes, you just gotta dance up the mountain


Below – Team rollerski to Banff




Below – Great crew of training buddies!

photo 1 41

Below – Not a bad view Charles, now go fetch my chariot

photo 2 3

Below – Gave a talk about mental prep for tough situations. I figure I’ve spent enough time trying to calm my own nerves, that   I enjoy trying to help others tackle theirs.

photo 2 8

Below – The crew on top of Chinamens Peak

photo 4 1


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