Hometown clinic

by Jennie

While I was home after U.S Nationals, I got to hang out with the future skiers of Peoples Academy high school. There were about twenty middle level and high school students who came to our P.A Alum clinic. The Alum side was represented by myself, Hannah Dreissigacker, and Matt Piper, with guest coaches Nils Koons and Jessie Diggins. We split into several groups and went over various techniques, drills, and games, while finishing off practice with a relay race and an intense game of sharks and minnows.

More pictures HERE courtesy of Judy Geer

It was a great feeling going back to my stomping grounds and realizing that my athletic achievements have made a motivational impact to those skiing around where I first started. When I introduced myself to one highschooler, he replied with a bright face, “So YOU’RE the one on all the  banners in the gym!” I think that’s the best comment I have yet received, because it reminded me of younger Jennie, and where she wanted to go with sports. So far, I haven’t let her down.

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