I fought a grizzly bear….

by Jennie

 I was skiing along the far trails, when I rounded a corner and there was a huge bear in the trail only feet from me. I hockey stopped and accidentally sprayed him with snow, making him angry. Wanting to make myself look big and intimidating, I held my jacket open and growled as loud as I could. Unfazed, the bear lunged closer, so I took off my skis and stood on guard with my ski pole as a sword, swinging it violently. He took another step closer and I cracked him upside the head and stared him in the eye, saying, don’t mess with me bear…

What do you think, good story? Yeah I didn’t think so either, but I thought about this scenario frequently when I was alone on the trails out on dead dog or windy ridge. I am pretty sure you aren’t supposed to do any of those things if you see a grizzly bear, and play dead instead. Yes, my reasonable voice could assure me that bears were all sleeping this time of year. Perhaps it’s my wild imagination or all of the bear memorabilia in this town, but I definitely did a few I’m-alone-and-slightly-freaked-out pickups during the two weeks that just the CXC team had been in West Yellowstone.  But really, there’s a bear statue as the towns center roundabout, tons of stuffed bears, shirts, bear cups, bear posters, bear hats, and a bear exhibit where you can see live bears. So, my paranoia has some foundation.

If you followed the updates or got marooned in or outside of the festival, you’d already know it has been one of the best snow years they have had in a while. The day before we left it was sunny, and for the first time in two weeks I could see a full cloud-less 360 degrees of landscape surrounding the town. Gorgeous I might add.

Our next adventure is underway, as we headed out to Canada on Monday. The drive was quite scenic and I have never been in this neck of the woods before. The combination of lakes, mountains, and valley of fruit trees in Washington kept me staring out the window.

We pack quite the load…

Today was our first day skiing in Silver star Canada, which is on top a mountain and paired with an alpine resort. We traded our plush queen size beds for twin bunk beds tightly packed into a small apartment, but it’s cozy enough.

The poor van after over a month on the road gets a beating.

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