Ironwood Camp

by Jennie

This one has been my favorite yet. We are all in a big house together, cooking, playing games, watching shark week, stinkin up the place and all that jazz. At the base of a midwest alpine hill (aka good steep place to bound up), our house is called “Steamboat Fantasy” which most definitely lives up to its theme name with all the steamboat memorabilia inside. 


 Outside our front door you will find the remnants of hard work scattered about. Bounding intervals, strength, classic specific strength, skate speeds, and much more to come leaves a plethora of smelly equipment.  

Big Powder Horn mtn

The other day I took my off afternoon to adventure up and around the ski area.  It reminded me how important it is to find time to think, relax, and enjoy where I train every day as for the beauty it holds, not just as another hour in the log. I get to see so much that I take for granted on my travels, that once in a while it hits me just how awesome even the random places are. 


There are deer, EVERYWHERE. I see at least 2-5 a day. 

End of Long run on Wolverine nordic trails

Diggins and Wolcott (aka Big Hoss) frolicking through the mountaintop flowers on our way down from our lovely trail jaunt.

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