Madison Sprints Re-cap

by Jennie

From Minneapolis, to Aspen, to Park City, to Madison WI, to Hayward, to Canmore, I am finally getting you some pictures of the Madison Winterfest a few weekends ago! A lot has been going on between racing and traveling, so I am currently enjoying a mini training camp with my teammate up in Canada in beautiful Canmore.

It was fun staying with Renee Callaway (who took these great pictures) Dave, and Sara Hewitt over the weekend as the sun shone and people flocked to the small 1k manmade loop surrounding the capital. It was good practice warming up in a city sprint format, as well as  racing while fatigued, due to not having a weekend off since January. That was all starting to set in. I was pleased after qualifying first in both the skate and classic (which was all double pole on skate skis). My Russian teammate, Natalia Naryshkina, was a tough competitor as we battled it out all weekend. We met last year at the Birkie Sprints, where she out lunged me for the line, and we have been sprint challengers ever since. The woman’s field was fairly small, which I was ok with due to a stressful weekend coming up (aka BirkieFever). I enjoyed racing the crew who was there, working on race strategies, and lunging with Natalia!

Classic Sprint lunge

Yoga, stretching, and sports massage from the Fix Studio pays off…!

We got bags filled with……. Wisconsin cheese of course! As much as I like cheese, the best part was the prize money from the weekend, Holla!

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