Massage and more

by Jennie


Bender house candles

I get sports massage when I can, especially during the race season. Sometimes my body gets to a point where I cant stretch enough to get it back to equilibrium, so a massage helps speed up this process.

If you are in Minneapolis, and want a quality sports massage, go to Sophie and Larry at The Fix Studio. Bring something to bite down on, but you will feel fantastic afterwards.

If you are in Vermont, check out Judith at Saucha. It is a little studio at her house, and if you don’t feel relaxed after being there, there is something wrong with you.

YAY! Bender doggies!

Yay! Family!

Yay! More Family!

On a separate note…

Love you dad, but there is a reason I got two copies of the book “Sh** my dad says” for Christmas a few years ago.

Recent Father-isms:

“With a very serious tone “You should wear a beard when you roller ski, then people wouldn’t hassle you on the roads.”

“Everyone should wear helmets when nordic skiing. There aren’t any yet, but once someone gets hurt, you just wait. Everyone will be wearing nordic helmets.”

I grew up looking at a big white sheet of paper in the dining room that said TANSTAAFL.

A big high five to someone who guesses that acronym without looking it up.

Yay! Cookies!


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