by Jennie

The smallest seat on the plane, before the person in front of me put their seat back and my computer fell in my lap. Although that doesn’t beat the time a very large and sick lady with her two year old sat next to me, and the girl kept crawling in my lap to look out the window because she was sliding off her moms belly. Meanwhile the mom was really out of it.
Who has YOUR worst plane passenger ever been?

Reporting to you from Bozeman Montana, where the season has officially started, marked by our first team meeting about race day in a week.  There is enough snow up at Bohart to get in a quality 15k (or so) loop, so we have been staying here for a little longer than planned before driving to Yellowstone. I believe we head there Friday. And I love bozeman, so more time is betta.

Some informational words from SkiPost Newsletter about the races:

“SuperTour races and ski clinics are NOT in danger of being cancelled.  The South Plateau has enough snow for the races and clinics.  About 3″-4” cover the lower elevation trails at this time, though a couple more inches are expected overnight. Please check for more information.

Plans are moving forward with the Festival and event organizers are cautiously optimistic about the snow reports.  Should there not be enough snow at lower elevations to hold the SuperTour races and ski clinics, the contingency plan of moving to the South Plateau will take effect.

Decisions about the venue changes for the SuperTour races will be made by the Organizing Committee, in conjunction with the Technical Delegates, no later than 12:00pm (noon) on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 for the SuperTour Freestyle Sprint to be held on Friday, November 23, 2012.  The decision of the SuperTour Freestyle Distance 10/15K will be made no later than 12:00pm (noon) on Friday, November 23, 2013.  Changing the venue of the clinics will be made before Tuesday, November 20, 2012.

Events such as the Indoor Expo, S’mores & Skiers, Backcountry Film Festival, and the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center programs will be held regardless of snow conditions. ”

Pictures to come!

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