Moving Forward

by Jennie

There has been much going on this spring.

To start out, I am excited to say I am moving to Bozeman, Montana and joining the BSF ski team. This year has been mentally and physically taxing (look at past blogs for more details), and I need a new start in a new environment. The first time I went to Bozeman I heard Vermonters tended to flock there, so I guess it was meant to be.

On the flip side, I am very sad to be leaving those who have made my time in the Midwest very special.  Thank you to CXC for supporting me over the past three seasons. Thank you Midwest ski community for sharing your support, love, homes, friendship, food, laugher, and love of skiing. Thank you sponsors who have seen the potential, who have stood by me through rough patches, and who have smiled with me during the victories.

Although I am moving from the Midwest, I will be keeping in touch, and am excited to visit again, because your friendship has meant a lot! (You know who you are!)

You may already know that my spring races didn’t go quite as I had hoped. After the Birkie, I got Bronchitis, then proceeded to get strep throat during Canadian Nationals. Double antibiotics took out any reserve that I had left. Persistence is my word of the year. Going from 0 (little training during lyme/mono), to 60 (National Championship, Tour de Twin Cities, Scando Cups), then back to 0 (first ever DFL and DNF of my ski career), is a crazy experience to say the least. Nope, don’t want to do that again.

Meanwhile, there are still some health issues that need to be ironed out before moving.  Getting over some old ones, dealing with a new one…it’s been super…

To all the Drs, PT, Chiros, Specialists, and Sports Massage who have recently been helping to patch me up: Thank YOU!



  1. John Widdifield
    17 May 13, 9:24pm

    Awwwwww Crap Jennie. We’ll miss you around here! You have to come back and do Birkie camps and do the Birkie each year. We’ll miss you. God… I thought after the Birkie the ski season was sort of over. What challenges! I love your quote.

    Hang in there and it was a pleasure to meet you and Darlene and I will look for you next year after the Birkie at the Sawmill again!


    • Jennie
      18 May 13, 11:05am

      Thanks John, you rock (:

  2. Derek
    01 June 13, 1:57pm

    Sorry to see you leave the midwest. After my last couple of years I totally understand the health issues, at least you are young enough to come back fast! Good luck with the move and your next season. Keep posting the funny nordic women videos, they rocked!


    • Jennie
      16 June 13, 2:45pm

      Thanks Derek (:
      The next video will happen soon! Any entertaining suggestions?

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