Näkemiin (Goodbye) Finland, Tere (Hello) Estonia

by Jennie

That could be completely wrong. I Google translated it.  Since the only shopping around has been the “Save” grocery store in Finland and the “Elva Kaubanduskeskus” in Estonia, the only word I really have learned is Thank You, because the cashier at the grochery store says it in every country after you pay. Elva is the town closest to our new home, and the long word Kaubanuskeskus is apparently “Mall”. Go figure. I must say I like our English four letter version better.

Let me back up. On Sunday we left our Scandic luxury and construction zone wax area (see photos below) for the race venue in Otepaa Estonia . Our travel day consisted of  about five to six hours of driving with a two and a half hour ferry sandwiched in the middle, which needless to say was the highlight of our adventure.

The Scandic Lobby where we ate breakfast

Our wax room space in Finland - Photo credit to Reese H.

About five years ago when I went to my first Scando cup trip, our team took an overnight ferry as part of our commute. As the boat tossed at sea, we “slept” on little bunk beds in  rooms with metal walls, and our biggest entertainment was to all try and fit into one room just for kicks. Evidently my expectations were low driving up to the dock,  that was until I saw our boat the VIKING. For less than a 3 hr ride across the gulf of Finland, our low-end cruise ship kept us quite entertained! There was live music and karaoke, internet (although slow), food and coffee, sightseeing on the upper decks (although a very cold activity), and of course the mariachi band with complementary scantly clothed dancers greeting at the entrance. On the main floor was a large cafeteria like seating area, tons of slot machines lining the walls, and a vacant dance floor in the far back which, perhaps if the boat ride had been longer, might have been more intriguing..…

VIKING...our ferry

 Those of us who found that there was Karaoke definitely made the most of it! A couple pairs of us braved the microphone. If there is any place to try something new and potentially embarrassing, it’s in a temporary location with strangers in a different country!

The best time to have your first Karaoke experience is on a boat of course!

  The rest of the gang worked on their homework, which was very physically taxing….but they do good work

Forever young

The last view of Helskinki Finland

Until next time, I will leave you with these last words before our races kick off later this week. We shall race hard, we shall take names, and as we ski by you in flames of fury:

Beware of Descending Boom!

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  1. Sully
    25 January 11, 1:46pm

    That is an awfully big boat you got there. I hope your reenacted the scene from titanic. If not, you have been in Finland too long.

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