New Poster!

by Jennie

If you would like some copies, feel free to comment below with a request!

U.S. Cross Country Championships - Soldier Hollow


  1. John Widdifield
    07 July 13, 9:29pm

    That poster is awesome Jennie! Congrats!

    • Jennie
      20 July 13, 2:24pm

      Thanks John! Have you been having a good summer?

  2. Henrik
    17 July 13, 3:49pm

    A big good luck in the 13-14 season, and congrats to the classic sprint gold.
    Hope to see you in the world cup.


    • Jennie
      20 July 13, 2:22pm

      Thanks Henrik! Whats going on in Sweden?

  3. Henrik
    25 July 13, 1:46pm

    Perfect summer here for rollerskiing and cycling.

  4. Charlie La Rosa
    08 September 13, 6:19pm

    If you have any copies of that poster left, I’d love to have a few for my high school racers. Thanks and best wishes for a winning winter.

  5. Barb
    29 November 14, 8:10am

    If you have any posters left, I would love one for my daughter. Liz is an avid fan and has met you in Vermont (she skied with Fred). She is now in a PT program and her dream is to work with the US Nordic Ski Team

  6. Selden
    10 October 15, 6:31pm

    Jenny, I would love a poster for my daughter also, if you have any! thanks!

    • 15 February 16, 1:39am

      Did she get the poster ok?

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