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by Jennie

Well, I was sort of all over the board this week result wise, with a 3rd (classic sprint), 9th(classic 10k), 14th (skate 30k), 19th (skate prologue), and 25th (stupid hill climb) …..but thus concludes Spring Series, and the season! The 30k today around a 1.5k loop was a first, but it gave me plenty of time to compare each lap to it’s previous. At least the format made it seem like there were a lot of spectators….because you passed the same ones 20 times.

Please enjoy our new video!

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  1. carol stanley
    02 April 12, 11:18am

    The new video is great. dave and I had to watch it twice it was so good, not to mention hilarious. You go girl!

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