Observing, happiness, and mime’s invisible boxes.

by Jennie

New Blog Section –Inside Benders Brain: Proceed with Caution.

     My best writing is done on an airplane. Window seats only, duhh, because I turn into a child as I stare eagerly at the vast view of the miniature world below. I never seem to get sick of this perspective, perhaps because it physically exemplifies what I try to do in life. Meaning, every since I can remember, I have found myself standing back (figuratively speaking), and observing what’s before me, before I dive in. Everyone is the star in their own show, and sees life differently through a unique pair of glasses. The true light of someone shines brightly when they take time to look through your proverbial glasses, and try to understand how you view your world. This act of compassion builds human connection, and means that they are willing to turn down their own show to listen to yours. Too easily, we now can turn to our technology for a fake insta-connection with faces online to satisfy our desire for socialization, instead of actually getting to know those around us.


While waiting in the airport, I do what (most) everyone does, and people watch like crazy. There is a big difference between judgment, and observation. Next time you find yourself people watching, try putting on someone else’s proverbial glasses, and imagine what their life could be like. I wonder what makes them look downtrodden? I wonder why they have that grin? Where might they be headed? What vibe do I give off, as I stand here, wearing my cowboy boots, arms crossed, with a mini guitar and backpack full of crap laying on the floor next to me?


One of my buddies likes to quote “you do you”, and I find myself thinking of that more often than not. You know that scene in The Sound of Music when Maria runs/skips through the streets with her bag, and guitar swinging on her way to the house from the convent? No? Oh. Well anyway, when I realized that was kind of what I looked like while striding purposefully through the airport on my way to the next gate, I couldn’t stop from smiling like an idiot, and, what the hell, I found a song to hum. When life gives you a scene from a musical, you roll with it. Suddenly I realized I was literally the only one on my 10 minute walk with a smile on my face, and was receiving slightly surprising, confused, and almost pissed off looks that I was gleeful. “Is she crazy? She must be crazy. Either that or she just joined the mile high club.” Why are we afraid to show random acts of happiness? We bond over sharing misery and hardship, which is fine in certain circumstances. However, negative vs positive energy is as tangible as a mime’s invisible box, and the weight of carrying around heavy negative mime boxes gets pretty old for both you, and everyone who you interact with. So, fake it til you make it, because personal positive energy builds on itself, starts from within, and shines through your proverbial glasses when you’ve got it.


For good measures, watch this – http://vimeo.com/76689371

Let me know if you like this new section, and if I should keep them up!


  1. Alex
    05 January 15, 11:28am

    Inside Bender’s brain is great. Please continue!

    I definitely get weird looks when I wander through this world smiling. But, it’s worth it. You only get one life – better enjoy the heck out of it while you can!

    • 25 February 15, 12:50pm

      Thanks Alex (:

  2. fred
    28 February 15, 6:41am

    Some fine connections and reflections

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