Off the groomed track

by Jennie

Every once in a while, a skier needs to go into the woods and explore. No matter what type of boards you’re on, the spirit of skiing lives in the middle of nowhere, because that’s where the boards take you. Jessie and myself took advantage of arriving at the wrong trail head for our classic distance today in Rossland B.C. Although we were initially planning for some awesome classic only trails, we clambered up snowshoe packed for an hour on part of what we discovered to be the Seven Summits Trail. It was the most action the inside edge of my classic skis have ever seen as they clomped over the tracks of a previous backcountry goer with fish scales. Meanwhile, I was eagerly anticipating our out of control descent. A view of mountain tops through pine tree forest is even more special knowing  you’re one of few who have seen it. We turned when the twisting, ascending, two foot trail got to a point where our descent would be treacherous considering how prepared we….weren’t. 

Click HERE  for an insider view of our nordpine adventure (:

The best part of today, I must say, was shortly after we turned around when we ran into Gus and Jason, who after dropping the others off at the correct trail, decided that an adventure actually sounded pretty sweet, and chased after us. This is one of the many reasons why both of these guys are so great. Work hard, play hard.

Create your own caption ….. “Mmmm, this tree smells good…..”Although it’s funnier thinking it was flat terrain, there WAS a giant downhill that he just came down, and had to stop somehow! We all fell ALOT. 

When you aren’t expecting a view, it’s that much more enjoyable.
The little warming hut in the woods that we stumbled upon. I can’t say I was expecting company and a burning chimney on the hillside, but I hear there are many along the way.
This was taken our last day at SilverStar, and it’s definitely one of my new favorites. I left there with a 4th in the classic sprint, and 8th in the classic 10k. Although I really was hoping for a podium, the season is still young! The races here in Rossland are both skate, so I will be able to work on my newfound technique epiphany. They just keep comin’….thanks to Gus, whose method is to tell me it’s horrible but then fixes me so it’s all good. (:
I’m excited for Vermont/home in a week!

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  1. Ross
    14 December 11, 1:18pm

    Thanks for the updates, JB. Looks fun out there. I’ll increase my daily snow dance schedule to three dances a day …much of the woods here are still leafy. See you later. -Ross

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