One week at a time

by Jennie

I am at my apartment near the cities one week at a time here and there, so I like to make the most of it. It feels good to go about life as a (semi) normal person. For most of the week I worked painting two porches for a B&B in a neighboring town. I was also reunited with the SkiErg in my (kind of) air-conditioned dining room as a break from the hot weather. Although my time here is scattered, I like to join as many groups to train with as possible. Piotr’s ski group “Go Training”  is now the “City of Lakes Loppet” ski group, and is always tons of fun to join because it grows with more athletes every day. We ran a 3200m cross country test in the woods at Theodore Wirth park and there were probably 20 people, or as seems to be the average attendance. I  gave a group of local highschoolers a skate technique lesson, of which I hope to put on more free high school lessons when I am not at camp. From struggling through technique myself, and finally feeling that I have learned how to ski after all these years because of the generosity of others, I want to pass it on. If you are a highschooler and want to join my next session, or if you are an adult and would like a lesson to learn how to be more efficient skating, email me at

Now I am off to camp in Cable WI for two weeks on Monday. The midwest REG will be during part of it so that will be fun. I need to go buy some more bug spray.

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  1. 30 June 12, 11:55pm

    Painting is good for the head– but what, but what are you doing for fun!

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