by Jennie

I went to Madison WI for a few days before I headed to Vermont, and was so excited to have 14 women attend my PlayNordic clinic in the park!

PlayNordic is a traveling clinic series I started to encourage women to stay young at heart.

I have met many individuals through my travels, and am drawn to those who maintain a spark for life. This spark can be passed on, and this is my method of doing so. Sometimes life starts to become a dull routine, and exercise can be boring. My mission was to put together a workout that was out of the ordinary, and that I would want to do now, and 50 years from now.

We have to remember to always challenge ourselves, and to break out of  our comfort zone every so often. I named it PlayNordic for two reasons. For one, through my nordic ski training, I have realized that just about anything can be good exercise as long as you are moving your body. I incorporate many core, arm, and lower body strength exercises that work your nordic ski muscles without realizing it. Two, I have seen many adults give up on  “playing”, and shy away from trying new things due to social expectations for their age group. For this reason, I hold the clinic at a park with a big playground, and we most certainly use every inch. Little children, move outta the way!

After the clinic, I asked for a show of hands for who did something today that they hadn’t tried in the past 10-15 years. As the hands shot up with smiling faces, I knew it was mission accomplished.

Stay tuned for postings of when my next PlayNordic clinic will be, and I hope you can join!

Meanwhile, in Benderland, life has been rough. That’s about all I can say without a few hours, a chocolate bar, and box of tissues. Good news is, I have started training, and days are progressing  in a slow but positive manner. Lymes disease and Mono be damned.

I saw a quote recently that puts it in perspective:

“If everyone put their problems in a bag, and threw the bags in a pile, once everyone saw everyone else’s bag they would grab their own and run away.”

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  1. 05 September 12, 4:56pm

    Hi! So can you give a little outline of this super-sounding routine? I really love the start of autumn because that’s when my Nordic Play starts, too! My own workouts include tons of different things and are so fun. But I’d love to hear about new ideas! Thanks! JP

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