by Jennie


First time trial of the year today, and glad to say I made it through with limited issues! We did a pursuit, and the back only stiffened up briefliy, but then got better by the end. This window of light means so much. There was a week in the end of April when I couldn’t stand, turn, cough, laugh, or sit without feeling like I was being tased. When laying on the floor was the only position that felt ok, I could only imagine how this summer was going to go. By the end of May I could ski walk, middle of June I could jog slow, then gradually incorporated running, and this week completed a track workout without pain which is HUGE.  I look back to May when I was sitting terrified at the desk with a  neurosurgeon, who said “If I were you, I’d wait to do surgery, but if you want it I can schedule you in tomorrow morning,” and am extremely appreciative for the support through the BSF crew and physical therapy at Excel and Lone Peak. One step at a time.

In June I tried to run on the anti gravity treadmill at Clearwater PT, but it was a bit too soon to be running fast. Despite that, needless to say it felt SO AWESOME to run at %60 body weight! Also slightly depressing when you start to deflate and the weight of the world is back. Thanks Clearwater Therapeutics for letting me play around with the AntiG!


Ski walking and hiking has been a big part of my mental and physical recovery. Its been super rough, hiking all this beautiful terrain, summiting magnificent peaks, and occasionally on the easy long hikes, taking a few minutes to fly an old kite I got at Second Wind Sports (my new favorite store ever, a consignment store with everything imaginable.) Yup, its been rough…


I found both my jobs on Craigslist yet again, and they have been great letting me work around my training schedule. Down below is a picture from catering a beautiful legitimate western wedding in a horse barn. Everyone had on their best boots and cowboy hat.



Above: Let your spirit soar

Below: If you could only have seen the joy when Andrew found a “fresh” Twinkie by the side of the road on our hike on his birthday… #rarefind….#fate….#thatsdisgusting



Above: Not my car, found in Walmart parking lot. Booyah!

Below: Great band that came to Thursday night Music on Main, definitely worth checking out.



  1. Fred
    20 July 13, 5:39pm

    Good stuff, Jennie, all good stuff

  2. Krista
    21 August 13, 10:08am

    Awesome news. I have been lurking and waiting to see your recovery. Way to go!!! I am pulling for you to have no limits!

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