Ski and Tea Review

by Jennie

First of all, can now be found by typing in! The first one is a bit long to remember, and the second one just sounds so much cooler….(:

Secondly, check out our review from the ladies of Ski and Tea!  They are a great group of woman mainly in the Hayward WI area who get together to workout then enjoy some beverages. They are all very motivating!

This is from their newsletter.

News from last week’s  Ski and Tea Big Friday with the CXC Elite Women Skiers

Vertical Team members and  USA Team and Olympic Hopefuls Who

Hosted An Incredible Day for Ski and Tea at Telemark.  

We were all renewed,  energized and blown away with their wholesome personalities, sharing their skiing expertise (and youth).  Thank you Caitlin Gregg and Lahti (Caitlin’s husky),  Jessie Diggins, Jennie Bender, Sara Hewitt and Carolyn Ocariz for taking your valuable training time to plan an awesome training day with us.  A memorable day of getting off the “right ski foot” (so to speak) beginning with intros, warm up jog dynamic stretches, a lot of one on one individual coaching as we worked on classic technique hill repeats and  ending with yoga stretching in the coolness of Telemark’s lobby.  Tea, coffee and scones were courtesy of Telemark.  Thank you to Robin Bucholz, General Manager of Telemark. “

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