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by Jennie

I forget that when I blog about important topics for my new Concept 2 blog, I end up not sharing them here! For this reason, I will post the first paragraph, and encourage you to check out the rest at . I am excited to be their first nordic representitive on the blog for SkiErg!

“This past weekend, I traveled down to Chicago to help promote our adapted sports program at a disabled veteran’s camp. The camp had a maximum capacity of 50 people, which was unfortunate because there are not nearly enough opportunities like this one in the country. The participants, who came from all over, were able to try a variety of sports catered to all different physical abilities. Our sports station offered six laser biathlon guns and targets, four sitskis, and two Concept2 SkiErgs where participants learned proper skiing technique.”

See more at –

Rockin the sit ski!

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