Summer in the City

by Jennie

What do you do when you have mandatory rest? Well, it’s sort of like an unplanned vacation, yet with limited physical mobility, which for an active person is a huge debby-downer (reference HERE).

I have found it is a good time to to meet people, expand my network here in the cities, and work on the business side of being an athlete. I also have had little time these past three years to actually go into famous buildings around the city, so here are some pics from my adventure.

Checked out the Guthrie Theater, and hope to one day attend a play there when I have some casual bucks to lay down.


Learned about wheat at the Mill City Museum. The above picture is of a stock. I always wondered what wheat germ was…


Mulled around the Mill City Farmers Market and had pangs of longing for VT at each vegetable booth with hippy farmer kids.

Went to a city block gathering and tried crawfish for the first time. It was one of those, “I have to do this once”. Not being a fan of lobster bodies, I freaked out the whole time I was trying to get the %1 of meat out of the tiny crawfish.  Other than being an entertaining dining activity, these didn’t taste that good, and I had flashbacks of trips to Maine as a kid where I was quite content with my bowl of Spaghetti-Os by the ocean.

Article on Ticks vs Deet – HERE 


Soon, I will be training… week left hopefully. Recovery is decent. Energy is picking up, but still have days where my legs feel like Jello. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s a side effect of the Mono….or maybe the Lymes……does it really matter which one it is.



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