by Jennie

Tis the season for CXC athletes to go store to store and fit the community with gear. Message to those with boards from the 1980s and older: if your boots are yellow and purple, you probably could use new boots. Give your ankles a break. If your skis are a brand that isn’t selling in stores any more, you probably have no camber left. Its worth it, get your stuff checked out! We sold a lot of Salomon, because the Equipe 8 and 9 are great for those who want a good ski, but one thats not a top of the line racing board. Salomon gives a good range to chose from, instead of only a high level ski, then something way down the line.

This year, the CXC team added a new element, and held clinics at certain Superfits for the local skiers interested in technique work. We had a great turnout at Finnsisu, and people walked away with new tools to work with for the up coming season. I just came back from Fontana Sports in Madison WI, and I was impressed with their inventory of equipment to chose from, and friendly staff! Since I live next to GearWest, however, I am a bit bias, because no one can compare with their selection of in store nordic skis. Soooo many.


There are still two SuperFits left if you want to check them out! Visit HERE for more information .



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