The 100 year old food god

by Jennie

Baking is my enemy, only because I love to bake, and when I do, then I have a lot of baked goods that I just have to eat! Since Aug 15th would have been Julia Child’s 100th Birthday, I though it would be a good time to share my “vice”. Currently, my bitter sweet present (no pun intended)  has been spending much more time than I would have liked in my apartment over the past month trying to “rest”.  Apparently the outcome is this:

Luckily I clean before my roommate comes back, so she doesn’t know just how MUCH of a mess I make (: . Ops the secrets out.

But then THIS might come of it!!

Peanut butter heath biscotti


Banana nut muffins (with a bit of flax seed, bulgur wheat, and oatmeal, surprise!)


Blackberry scones, fresh peach pie and broccoli, bacon quiche. Sadly, I did not make the bread. One thing I am not so good at baking.


For clarification, those are a TON of chocolate chip cookies, which are probably my favorite thing ever. BUT they were for a get together, don’t worry health freaks! I always share.

That’s my personal rule when making food, it tastes better when someone else can try it too.

Kitchen secret ….. I rarely measure exactly, and usually put in things not called for like my own little science experiment. I mean, that is basically what cooking is: figuring out what components blend the best, right? If you don’t like oatmeal, I’m sorry, because it’s probably somehow in the dish.

When you are on the road/living on your own, you are at mercy of any food at any time. You also learn to really, really appreciate a good meal, and a good cook. I hope to one day expand my abilities, both through skill and fiscally, and actually have interesting things laying around my kitchen to cook with, like truffle oil, and pecans, and smoked salmon *oooo ahhhhh*. One day….

Health report. Although baking temporarily  helps my mental health, my physical health is still ….ehhh. I have been working out a little this week, but have to take it easy. Luckily, one of my (usual) athlete strengths is listening to my body. Meanwhile, as time ticks by, I have to not make myself fat!

I am excited to be going home to VT for the next couple weeks to see the family. It’s been too long.

Thank you Julia Child, because I always think of THESE SCENARIOS (forward to .30 sec) when I hear your name.

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