The ability to forget, and the ability to repeat

by Jennie


After one of the more solid and consistent summers of training I have had in a LONG while, this season update is a happy one! So far, I have been making many of my A goals, and now that I’m in the thick of the season,  it’s time for a little reflection. Why? Because it’s amazing how well athletes have the ability to forget and repeat. We constantly put ourselves through painful scenarios such as races, intervals, injuries, and shorty after finishing, we are ready to get back on the horse. But there are times when we need to look down the road we have come.


The highlights this year:

  • Biggest personal margin of win, at West Yellowstone Skate sprint, won qualifier, and all heats
  • US Nationals win in the Skate sprint
  • US Nationals 3rd in Classic sprint
  • Won SuperTour Sprint leader spot to race World Cups this February and March.


I achieved part 1) of my season 15-16 goals, and am racing Period 3 and 4 World Cups, which is where I want to be. Part 2) is to get a top 30 in a WC sprint, which I feel is right in sight. So far, I have raced a classic city sprint in Drammen Norway, a classic city sprint in Stockholm Sweden, and a 5k classic in Falun Sweden.

Below – Foggy days in Oslo


I am super pumped to have a skate sprint next weekend, (since that’s been my jam more so than classic this year) and the Canadian World Cup tour in three weeks! Then after that, we all head to Vermont for the last races of the season. (Canada details here – )

Below –  These gals are the real deal, in personality and results! Such a great crew (:



One thing I have had LOTS of practice with, is having to practice the ability to forget and repeat. Even after years of racing, athletes tend to be their own biggest opponent. Wanting results too much can build up tension and stiffness, making you lose yourself and what you know. And that’s exactly how my past two races here went. I lost myself, and am working on finding my calm, confident skier again. Not only that, but here I am in Europe, at the World Cups racing, finally, and I’m tired. I’m so tired. My body seems to be resisting racing. As PG as I can say this, well go figure. BUT, hopefully nothing a few days off won’t fix. Rest is the hardest thing for an athlete. Especially when it’s during a crucial time. It’s sometimes more mentally painful than exercise. Therefore, time to forget and repeat, and take one day at a time.



Sometimes I sit down to write a blog, and can’t tell one story without another. “I made it here, but remember that time when…?” So I should clarify, we never fully forget. But we can push experiences far back in our brain, instead of dwelling on them. No one remembers your darkest moments. For instance, no one but me remembers that time I came here two years ago in this same position, and got sick right away from those coming back from the Sochi. (I was quarantined for three weeks in Europe. It was horrible. I’m am pretty sure I blocked it out myself.) No one cares  the time I herniated a disc in my back and couldn’t walk due to nerve pain, or wore a boot because I sprained my ankle three times in one summer not long ago. That time I gained about 20 lbs after getting depressed mid season, from picking up Mono and Lyme at the same time? Or that time I mentally quit skiing mid-season? Funny enough, these were all in the past five years. If we still want the same path, we have to forget, and repeat. Take the good, try as hard as we can to move past the bad, and it will eventually get better.

And now, here I am again, ready to fight. I’m coming back, and it feels so good.


If you ever need personal moral support, always feel free to email me.


Being here as a SuperTour Sprint leader, I am unfunded by USST nor FIS. NNF helps with a small portion, and BSF always has my back, but racing in Europe has a hefty bill come spring. Any support to help off-set costs is greatly appreciated!!

Fundraising is never fun.  I’d like to give back somehow, so for any donations over $150, we can set up a complementary ski lesson when/if I am ever in your area! Please leave your address in the comment section below on the Funding Page! – Fund page click here! Or my PayPal under the Support tab above!


  1. David Buck
    14 February 16, 1:48pm

    Since the only time I ever met you face-to-face you were helping my team learn to ski with Jessie, I am so happy to see these pictures of you with the U.S. Team, and with Jessie in particular. Your story is so inspiring, and I’ll be sure to have you on my Noah Hoffman fantasy team for the finish of the season.
    Keep on rockin’!

    • 15 February 16, 1:39am

      Thanks David!! Hope you’re doing swell (:

  2. Lori Steinbach
    14 February 16, 2:35pm

    Awesome writing…and reflecting. Your head is in the right place…..your body will follow. GOOOO for it!!!!!

    Where/how can I make a donation??

    • 15 February 16, 1:40am

      Lori!! You are the best. Don’t forget to email me your address!! And thank you (:

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