The “downs” really blow

by Jennie

The flow of life has exhilarating “up” moments that make you swell with happiness, and depressing “downs” that force you to reevaluate how you’re conducing yourself through the world. When your efforts are focused on one specific aspect of life, the ups and downs seem more dramatic.

Last week I tested positive for Mono AND Lymes disease. How that’s physically allowable, I don’t know. There is still a possibility that the Lymes was a false positive, but I will find that out later this week hopefully. I have never had either, so have to be on antibiotics just for the Lymes. I am in a weird state, where I am not tired enough to stay in bed (thank god), but when I start walking around for longer than 10 min, I become a drunk sailor. The worst part is, that the only advice I seem to be getting, is to start back up again when I feel better……so it’s up to me… just stop doing what I do, and then decide one day to pick it up again. It’s like all of a sudden trying to go gluten free  when you don’t have celiacs. “Well, this oatmeal cookie only has a little gluten….that’s fine right?”

Last camp, I was having a lot of weird symptoms, all lasting 2-3 days, then going away for the most part. I didn’t think they were connected, so I just had this little whats-wrong-with-me adventure as I trained through them. It started with waves of nausea (which could have also been for the week of 90+ heat), then sore neck/jaw/teeth, and one night of chills where I swore I was going to wake up a leper, but as I slowly opened my eyes and checked my libs, I was back to my  mid camp “eh”. Then came puffy eye lids, the feeling my eye balls were drying out from the inside, headaches which I don’t usually get, and at last, fatigue. I just cried when they told me Mono, then laughed out loud later when she said also Lymes too. “Like……seriously? You’re just messin……”

Because of the slow news of summer mtn bike race hype (here), I actually was just going to slow ride the race because I felt bad about skipping it. Then I finally put together that I probably shouldn’t. Yes, it was actually a decision that was stressing me out, and not an obvious “No F-ing way” for the normal, logical brain. You would be surprised how many hopeful “Are you going to race still?’ that I received.

OH, it gets better.

This will be a great mental picture for you. Feel free to giggle, I would be mad, but I can’t see you. On my drive home from Hayward (which is about a 3 hr drive), I started singing to myself after about 2 1/2 hrs of listening to a book on tape to keep myself alert. Suddenly I realized my speech was slow, and I couldn’t formulate my words very well. My upper lip was also curling up in an abnormal way as I spoke (to myself), and I was trying to figure out if this was in my head, or actually happening. It lasted about 5-8 minutes, then slowly started to change back. This was followed by brief leg and forearm/hand tingling. After many calls to my wonderful adult Dr friend contacts, I was advised to get it checked out. Being 5pm on a saturday, my only option was to go to the ER.

1) You feel like looser when you are checking yourself into the ER based on fear, and without a noticeable physical trauma.

2) I could have called up someone to go with me, but I wouldn’t want to put someone through waiting that long when it’s not necessarily. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a better use of SEVEN HOURS of their life. Yes, I was in there for 7 hours.

3) MRIs are loud and shitty.

4) Being wheeled around on a gurney when you can walk makes you feel like a moron.

5) I thought ERs had food? Around midnight, I had a nice chat with my transport nurse, who wasn’t having a good day. Said she was bored with work, and I told her she can come watch tv with me, and that if she saw the nurse, to ask her to bring in brownies.

6) My nurse popped in and told me she didn’t have brownies, but had cake. Best white sheet cake I ever tasted. Nurses, you can make a situation suck, or make it life changing. Thank you for making it awesome.

7) They concluded I didn’t have a tumor, or MS, or a slew of other worst case scenarios, so I was allowed to leave a little after 1am. I keep thinking, what if they DID find something like that. My first reaction was that I would have had a better excuse than Mono for not doing the strength test during camp. Then, I would have freaked the heck out. Probably run around the hospital naked looking for that sheet cake to ape throw at bystanders.

On that note, I am grouchy, hot, tired, sitting in my Midwest apartment trying to work on the computer and not be too active, while hating on all the pictures of people training on Facebook. I would at least like to be working. I am going to give it another day or two, then continue my search for the money tree. Aka paint some more of the porch I have been working at.

This saturday, I am holding another free technique clinic for the local highschoolers, 9am at Baker Park. If you are interested, drop me an email. I am also excited to be coaching the last weekend of July at a masters camp up north – Check out the link HERE

I have heard way too many, “Ohhhhhh, I had Mono” or “Ohh I had Lymes” followed by “I was out for so long,” and “That takes forever to get over”. SO yeah, I get that part. If you have any positive suggestions, and ways to come back, and ways to beat it, and ways to sneak exercise, then please tell me those stories.

I have no doubt in my mind. I will come back just as strong. I will be training by next month, and I will be ready to slay. Just a speed bump.

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  1. Alex
    25 July 12, 4:24pm

    Oh Jenny, that sucks! my friend Ali had mono and lyme at the same time a few years ago, so yup, it’s possible. Anyway, she found that morning HR was really useful – she went through a few weeks of feeling like death, but when she started to feel better she really took it easy until her morning HR was low again. I forget how long it took until she could train normally again, but I don’t think it was more than a month. I bet if you train too soon it’ll take longer to recover, though. good luck! stay positive =)

    • Jennie
      06 September 12, 1:55am

      Thanks for the note Alex (:

  2. Dan Sandberg
    20 October 12, 3:40pm

    I’m pulling for you Jennie!

    • Jennie
      20 October 12, 4:15pm

      Dan! Thanks (: I hope life is good with you these days!

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