The land of many children

by Jennie

Our two week camp in Utah was some of most fun I have had during a training camp. The workouts themselves were great, but my theory is that having relaxed and humorous training partners enhance your body’s response to the workload. A stressful environment and tension surrounding athletes is unnecessary, especially when you are dependent on your body recovering in its’ natural state.

The highlights included two backcountry adventures with Dave Knoop, Canadian Thanksgiving with Sara Hewitt, Andrea Dupont, and Daria Gaiazova, lots of dancing and singing on our off time, and creating part 1 & 2 of our three part Nordic Spoof videos. If you haven’t seen it already, here is Part 1 –

Most of the girls half way through our over-distance on Saturday. We classic skied up a mountain for two hours, then ran at the top for one more.

Dave, Santi, Carolyn, Waylon and I on our way up in the Wasatch mountain range. The adventure ended up being about 5 1/2 hours of hiking, sliding, slipping, and bushwhacking. The guys took the challenge to rock climb up some extremely sketchy terrain at the top to achieve max “Rocky Mountain High” potential.

Goodbye Utah for now. It’s time for the last of fall training in the Midwest before (hopefully) great November skiing in Montana!

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