The past few weeks….

by Jennie

The past week and a half has been one big steam roller. Sometimes that’s how it goes.

June camp up at Telemark finished up Friday the 17th with a sad turn. I found out Thursday night (6/16/11) that my best friend from highschool dad passed away suddenly in a triathlon back home. Death happens, and it is always sad, but the younger the individual, the more devastating the aftershock.  I went home for a few short days,  along with the rest of the athletic Lamoille county community, and despite the sad circumstances,  it was really nice to see everyone in person. It had been a while, and time is flying these days.

Here is an abbreviated picture book version of the past few weeks.

Elite team VS Juniors Volleyball game during June camp - the score was too close for comfort

What do you do in the afternoon when you are bored at Telemark? Karaoke!

The Sunday after June camp, Brian, Karl, Carolyn and I helped out with Olympic Day.

You can, in fact, cross country ski on grass! We experimented on a hill with some old ski equipment.

Carolyn teaching how to sprint start from blocks for the hurdles!

Lee and I went to join Brian Gregg's birthday party at the Zoo in Duluth, which was pretty sweet I must say. Lots of animals I hadn't seen before, since I don't remember when I went to the zoo last, probably at age 5.

no caption needed

Had to put a pic of the King of the Jungle on here of course. I sing enough Lion King on rollerskis for pete's sake.

Watched Lee race the open mens Nature Valley Grand Prix Crit on Sunday in Stillwater MN. The hardest crit course I have ever seen with a 24% grade hill to crush your body and soul. I love going to watch endurance events, partially because I know how much cheering helps!

And I will end this with home, only for three days, but it reminded me to enjoy the beautiful things in life before the moment is gone

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