The turning of a chapter

by Jennie
This turning of a chapter was not one of my book, but of Mr Lee Peters, and I am elated to be apart of it. Heading out to the midwest with a car full of his life after my fall camp at Lake Placid has been one big adventure. He is planning on working this winter at Telluride ski resort, but before this is some exploration of the midwest with yours truly. I am pumped to finally show him all the exciting stuff here in the cities! So many bikers and bike shops….
Our trip started with a stop at Niagra falls, which was a first for the both of us.
The Great Niagra Falls

It was pretty amazing if I say so myself. We decided to splurge a little and pay the ten dollars to ride “Maid of the mist,” a boat ride that takes you down next to the falls. Once we actually had the water fall mist all over us and our blue ponchos, we finally felt that we captured the full effect.

 Stop two was in Cleveland, where we stayed with my second Cousin who just turned 82 years old. Gloria, aka Gogo, has been in my life sending me cards since I can remember, and I finally had the chance to sit down and talk with her. It was very special meeting this woman who I have heard so much about for so long.
 Lee and I have been taking post drive runs where ever we stay for the night, which is 1) a great way to explore the area and 2) mandatory for the legs after sitting for so long. We stopped at Lake Erie so that Lee could touch his first great lake, and skip some rocks while we were there. It was sorta crazy actually, because about 95% of the rocks on this random beach we found were perfect for skipping; all round smooth and hand size. An older couple walked down the shore while we were exploring and challenged us to a rock skipping contest, which was right out of a heart felt movie. We kicked their ass, but won graciously.
Night three was spent in the company of Mr Don Becker of ( ,and “adopt an athlete” sponsor of yours truly. Don treated us to an evening snack and drinks in Madison before putting us up for the night in his guest room on a newly acquired futon! Will be looking forward to my upcoming visit to Don’s next weekend for the Solomon ( Superfit at Fontana sports just off State Street starting at 1pm where CXC athletes will be on hand all day to help make sure your skis rock this winter.  (
 Now we are in Minneapolis, and so far have spent alot of time on bike paths, at the Fix studio, the Mall of America, trendy bike/coffee shops, car repair shops, the grocery store, and getting in my med/high training hours for this week. Lee has helped me in a few workouts using his mad skills on the bike to give a steady hand videoing next to me. I have never had my own constant videographer for analysis, so I am fairly high up there on the spoiled chart right now.

Lee loves his bike and coffee shop combo - some of the best drink ever

 Overall, the past week or two have been very busy, but I have been loving every  minute of it.

More pictures here:

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  1. Morgan Luce
    24 October 10, 5:11pm

    Sounds like a LOT of fun! Beats a 9 – 5 job any day!

    Love and miss you!

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