Tour de Twin Cities re-cap

by Jennie

There are times when I just don’t feel like writing, so here’s a picture book for ya:

My Tour de Twin cities week was packed.  I have been gone alot of the winter, so when I am back, there is so much I want to fit in. I held two highschool clinics, gave a couple lessons, and skied with the MYSL kids, amongst 5 races in 9 days. I have a few more clinics when I get back from this trip. When I was learning how to ski in high school, I remember how awesome it was to have good skiers around. It’s fun for me to teach, especially when they are so eager to learn, and I have to admit, I am right at home skiing with high schoolers! (:

Reese Hanneman Photo

Above – Part way through the 10k pursuit. Coach Igor to the left. Me trying to hang on for dear life.

Dinner post Minnesota Youth Ski League (MYSL) relay night. Video here  We were all treated to Thai food afterwards, which was AWESOME!! Skiers love free food.

Classic individual start 5k podium. Rosie and I finished .6 seconds apart, which is one of the closest margins I have had for an almost distance win in quite awhile. It’s always a lesson that no matter what, it’s only you out there, pushing yourself as hard as you can.

Find your Monster Mode. You will either ski, hunt down the person in front of you, and eat them, or be chased down and be eaten. It all depends on what motivates you. Fear, or Hunger?

Podium for the overall Supertour de Twin Cities week. Although I was sitting second, it all came down to the skate 10k pursuit start, which was my downfall unfortunately.

It was a fun week hanging out with some ski buddies on my local turf! I have been away from the East for almost three years now, and I remember those who make me feel at home here in the Midwest. The volunteers and crew who made the races happen were great, and thank you for all the cheering!


  1. Tyler
    04 February 13, 5:49pm

    Love the blog jb!

  2. admin
    05 February 13, 9:34pm

    Love the pics, Jennie! Good luck with the race tomorrow!

  3. John Widdifield
    05 February 13, 10:20pm

    That’s that polling stance you taught me in Seely! The monster doulbe poll attack!

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