Tour de Twin Cities

by Jennie

So, I don’t really like talking about my races when I do well, because there is no successful way of doing so without coming across as cocky, but since this is blogging, I attached some articles to give you an overall view of this week so far.

Plus, I gotta go to lay down because today was a hard effort and tomorrow is the final race – a 15k skate pursuit. This means that each person starts X amount of accumulative time back from the leader that they lost over the last four races. So basically a staggered mass start.

These are the stats:

Saturday Classic 5k – 1st  Article Fasterskier

Sunday Skate 10k – 5th place Article SkiTrax

Wednesday Night Skate Sprint Prelim – 1st   Article SkiTrax  Article FasterSkier

Saturday Classic 5k with mid-race bonus points/$- 1st and 1st

Article SkiTrax    Article Fasterskier

I am motivated like no other for this overall. It’s ON.

Thank you everyone who has been cheering/supporting me! Yeah yeah, I race for self fulfillment…. but you all make this lifestyle %100 better. (:

My song of the week – HERE


  1. Mary
    29 January 12, 4:00am

    Keep up the great work!!! You rock!! Love your song of the week! xox Cheering loudly for you from CA!

  2. Dorothy Malone-Rising
    01 February 12, 3:07am

    Jennie so many wins in one week…FANTABULOUS!!! Be proud and own your success. We all know you are not a braggard! And I love your musical choice! Dodie

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