Tour de Twin Cities

by Jennie

Two races down, three more to go.

My distance is coming back!

Thank god.

It’s really fun knowing so may people out there being apart of the race scene in some shape or form, and having a great cheering squad of Midwesterners. Thanks guys (:

Womans podium todays classic 15k mass start:

Womans podium todays classic 15k mass start

Best part of the day, was hearing “THAT was awesome..” as I crested the final hill on my sprint to the finish. Whoever that was, thank you, that helped the final stretch!

Article HERE
Video HERE 

Womans podium at yesterdays 10k skate:

Womans podium yesterdays 10k skate

Congrats today to Brian Gregg for his 2nd, and several of our other men who posted top results today to be proud of!


  1. John Widdifield
    20 January 13, 7:47pm

    Make that the TOP of the podium! Awesome… congratulations Jennie!

  2. 31 January 13, 9:10pm

    Way to go Jennie!!! :^) Amazing!!!

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