Training and Terrain

by Jennie

Camp homies before a TT in Cable

 My partners in crime on CXC trips.


 One saturday night, we easily find three other girls to do an epic OD with for the next morning.  Ah, the life of an athlete in a big city full of eager athletes just looking for training.  (JoJo, Audrey, Caitlin and I)

View of the Mississippi on our run. They have a pedestrian only bridge…….thats a new one for me

Roller skiing in Afton

If you’re looking for roads like the good ol’ country, only 25-30 min away there’s this. Many miles of rolling terrain on great pavement. Since I am only around the Minneapolis area two weeks out of each month, I have only just begun to explore these options. When at home, my easy skis are around the many miles of connecting bike paths where I don’t have to worry about cars, and my intervals are on the longer hills around the area that Caitlin has been showing me. New places to see, people to meet, and hours to log.

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