US Nationals 2014

by Jennie

1) There has been a lack of blogging from me this fall/winter, but today is a good place to start. It’s hard to blog when excitement to report on progress is lacking. I have four or five drafts that I would like to share at some point, but not yet.  However…


2)  1505099_656247494417994_1495414907_n1511258_10151787906875882_1810587311_n

US National Skate Sprint Champion for both Torin Koos and Myself!

It was a great day for Bridger Ski Foundation, and I want to thank Andrew, Tim, Kristina and Dragon for all their hard work. You guys ROCK!



 This summed up my A final finish after coming in to the last stretch boxed out in yesterdays sprint. See video HERE of finish and a fun interview, and HERE for the earlier heats. (Thanks Alex Diekmann!)  FasterSkier article post skate sprint article HERE . It was a  close call! There is a lot of excitement in the air from our early victories, but it’s too early to celebrate. We are both looking forward to the classic sprint on the 10th.

Thank you everyone for the texts and emails, it really  means a lot!


– Jennie



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  1. John Widdifield
    07 January 14, 8:39pm

    Congratulations jennie! that is awesome! Lots of people back here cheering hard for you. And of course I can say… Yeah I know her. 🙂

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