US Nationals

Life is unpredictable, so might as well roll with it.

Jennie Bender, Classic Sprint US National Champion, happened this week.

Was I excited? OH hell yeah.

Am I ready for more? You betcha.

Am I back to my old self? No, definitely not.

This is what’s scary. I don’t know what the time line will be.  However, I just won a national title, that I have wanted for many years, and I know I have more, much more, ground to make up. Ground that was rolling fast underneath me last year, but stopped abruptly mid July. It’s kinda like I have a tormented monster down inside who wants to start running again, but it’s a matter of hitting the right code to unlock its cage. (I think my monster looks like THIS big blue one….. 😉

But really. I suppose we are all a bit tormented by what could be, or what should be, or what may have happened, at some point in our lives. It means a lot to hear so many people say that they were happy for me, when they had no obligation to be, other than they felt I deserved this feat of victory. Thank you.

A big congratulations to the Bjornsen siblings, who have been owning the podium with excitement and hardwork.

Side rant – If there is one thing I like more, it’s people who are excited about winning. Screw “act like you’ve been there before”. If you’re on the podium, put a big smile on that face! If you’re truly not excited about winning, you shouldn’t be there.

I am using two things to measure my health progress. The first, is how I recover in between heats. From last month to this month, I have gone from standing and staring as my warm up/cool down in between heats, to now where I am able to do my usual jump around. The second, is my ability to ski distance races, which unfortunately is still nowhere near where it was a last year.

When talking to reporters after the sprint, I heard myself say something about how the double pole stretch was just long enough to gain that extra inch I needed. Thank you, Al Pacino, for wrapping up my summer, fall, and winter thus far into a movie clip. A great one might I add. WATCH HERE. NOW. DO IT.

FasterSkier video of the Sprint HERE

FasterSkier article HERE

Your dose of foot stomping HERE

Skate sprint tomorrow, then headed back to Minneapolis for some Midwest races.

Till next time.


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  1. TK
    20 January 13, 3:06pm

    Jennie Bender on the top step again. That’s what I like to see.

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