Welcome to Canmore

by Jennie

The Green Mtns in VT are extremely pretty, but this place is so awe inspiring to me.

I will be here until Oct 25, skiing around the hamster wheel called Frozen Thunder (HERE).  This is by no means a complaining statement, I am uber pumped to get on snow!! I have to admit I am kinda bummed I have to head back to the cities for a Superfit, because they are holding a sprint race here on the 26th, and the ORIGINAL Banff mountain film fest is happening the week after. SO, you guys better come to the FinnSisu clinic/superfit!!

This will be my first training camp with a big group since May, so we’ll see how things roll. I came out early to hang with my buddy and past teammate Sara Hewitt, and the cxc guys arrive today. Yesterday she took me on a scramble. I would call it a hike, but this was only half hike. The strong wind didnt help my growing fear of falling off the mountain, and as we climbed she updated me on the unlikely but proper “bearAware” and cougar attack protocol, but this is wild country, and I kept reminding myself to HTFU.  The way I see it, do something that freaks you  out, gives you a thrill, challenges you, or just makes you happy, as often as possible.

This picture does not give the wind justice.

Today Sara and I joined the Canmore Nordic Junior team on a long run along a river bed trail. Highschool club adventures will forever be my fav.

Stay tuned for some on snow pics, unless you don’t want to be jealous, then I suggest staying away…

Question – Now that Sara, Jessie, and I are back together for a week, should we do another video?  And what should it be on?


  1. Morgan
    15 October 12, 3:11pm

    I vote for Gangnam Style aka “Skier Style” 🙂

    • Jennie
      15 October 12, 10:05pm

      I’ll have to think about that one (:

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