West Yellowstone – updated

by Jennie

“You need to blow sunshine up your own ass, dont worry about anyone elses ass” – Mr. Bender

Ah, my father-isms are the best. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes encouraging, and always %100 genuine and natural.

Nordic skiers are a glutton for punishment. A thought I pondered while stopping at a vista point on my cool down after the first race of my season. It was quiet, and the western sun glazed the rolling white pine trees. Eyes closed, and heart rate beating at a strong yet mysteriously loud pace, I wondered how much of my frustrating race performance was the stealth blood diseases still lingering in my system, versus plainly lacking fitness. I wont consider myself healthy until I am at least racing last years results. I knew this would be hard. I also know I need to race myself into fitness this year, a controversial statement since now is the time to be weighed and measured for international racing opportunities. However I claim this every year to some extent, so all I can do is shrug, and say “I guess you’ll see, wont you.” I am watching the coin flip slowly in mid air along side you, but every story is better when the author knows more than the reader. I have been training, I am strong, I am just not “there”.

Everyone has been asking me how I feel. I have been trying to feel neutral, giving me the option for greatness, however attmpting to deny potential for heartbreak.

Tomorrow is a sprint qualifier on the plateau, that apparently doesn’t count for anything, just a tune-up. Next week in Bozeman we have a full skate sprint on Thursday, full classic sprint Saturday, and classic mass start on Sunday.

Info on that HERE

Results from the 1.6k HERE

Results from the 9k today HERE

Ian Harvey Toko Photo


  1. john widdifield
    24 November 12, 12:20pm

    Awesome note Jennie. Love the quote! Here’s a “Mothers quote” for you. “Just do your best… that’s all you can do”. 🙂

    John (your rookie Master’s camp friend and Bender Racer fan)

    • Jennie
      24 November 12, 1:46pm

      Thanks John! Much appreciated (:

  2. kuan
    26 November 12, 7:42pm

    Your Dad is a genius. Don’t you forget that.

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